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Partial List of Current Cases

Urban Wildlands Group, Inc. v. City of Los Angeles (challenge to the City’s failure to analyze the environmental  and health impacts of switching from conventional lights to bright LED street lights)

ABCD v. City of Palm Springs (challenge to the City’s approval of unauthorized and unlawful development in downtown Palm Springs and City’s failure to provide public hearings)

People for Proper Planning v. City of Palm Springs (challenge to the City’s failure to conduct adequate environmental review before approving a General Plan Amendment eliminating minimum density requirements and failure to make adequate findings as required by the Government Code)

Environmental in the Public Interest v. City of Buelton (Challenge to the City’s approval of a bowling alley without compliance with CEQA)

Sierra Club v. California Dept. of Conservation (challenge to the Dept. of Conservation’s environmental review of new oil and gas explorations in Kern County)

Mesa Community Alliance v. California Department of Parks and Rec (nuisance and trespass claims against California Dept. of Parks and Recreation as a result of emission of particulate matter from the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreational Area)


Notable successes

TriCounty Watchdogs v. County of Kern (successfully challenged Kern’s approval of large sub-division on the grounds that the County had failed to adequately analyze the impact on water supplies)

Sierra Club v. City of Tulare and LAFCO (Successfully challenged the City’s approval of a massive race truck in newly annexed agricultural parcels).

Sierra Club v. County of Tulare (challenged the County’s General Plan Amendment. Negotiated complex settlement agreement that results in significant improvements to the County’s General Plan)

California Oak Foundation v. City of Santa Clarita (Published appellate decision setting aside the City’s approval of a large industrial park which the City had approved without adequate water supply review)

Urban Wildlands Group, Inc. v. City of Los Angeles (challenged the City of LA’s feral cat program on the grounds that the City had failed to analyze the program’s environmental impacts as required by CEQA; resulted in permanent injunction currently in effect)

Sierra Club v. City of Tulare (Successful challenge to the City’s General Plan Amendment on various grounds)

San Joaquin Raptor Rescue Center v. County of Merced (successfully challenged General Plan Amendments allowing dairies and confined animal facilities close to natural preserves)

ABCD v. City of Palm Springs (set aside the City’s approval of a hotel at heights that exceeded the City’s own ordinance)

Las Pilitas Quarry In collaboration with Margarita Proud (a dedicated local group of activist), successfully opposed a proposed sand and gravel mine in Santa Margarita, in San Luis Obispo County. The County Board of Supervisors denied the project.

Excelleron Oil and Gas In collaboration with local activists (Huasna Valley Association), successfully opposed a proposed oil and gas project in the Huasna Valley, San Luis Obispo. As a result of the group’s advocacy and legal arguments, the County denied this very contentious project.